…And the remixes start to come in

Received three of the four remixes we’ve solicited so far and daaaaaaamn.  Stripmall Architecture returned a remarkably rockin version of “Return” that almost makes us sound like Muse; The Dark Clan sent a remix of “Under The Gun” that’s…I’m not even sure what to call it – it’s so pan-genre that I lack adjectives, although I expected no less from him.  Bogart gave us a crazy-deep dubstep version of “I Promise” that has, as he calls it, “sack-shaking bass.”

Meanwhile, I’m still deep in the remixing of Claire Voyant.   They sent me a mellow, major-key track and I’ve chruned out possibly the most bombastic minor-key think I’ve ever done.  Still need to do some work on it, yet – I haven’t filled in the vocal harmonies or added the accents yet, but I got the big chunky drums, walls of taikos and dhols, and big strings and choirs.  I’m having way too much fun with this.