Announcing the Null Device Shop

The ND Store? Ye Olde Nulle Devife Shoppe? Call it what you will, but it’s a pretty definitive place to buy Null Device music and merch. We’re slowly adding products, as we account for inventory, get packages put together, etc, but it’s there and it works.

Notably available are some digital editions – full, high-quality DRM-free versions of entire albums, in the case of Excursions, even a FLAC-lossless version – for prices much lower than you’d find on most other legal download sites. And the revenues go straight to the artist (us). And it’s all legal, so you don’t need to live with that creeping sense of shame that haunts your nights after you use one of those grey-market Russian download sites or some fly-by-night torrent server. (You’re also less likely to pick up a virus or get inundated with pr0n spam from us too).

If we get ambitious, some of our old, archival tracks may make exclusive remastered appearances. Hear what we sounded like in 1998!

And of course, there’re Tshirts, CDs and eventually more schwag on the way.