Null Device 4th of July Sale!

Always wanted a Null Device album, but just couldn’t bring yourself to spend the $9 on iTunes? Or the $5 on our store? Or…well, whatever?

Well, for a limited time, we’ve slashed the prices of digital downloads in half. It’s a holiday weekend after all, at least for those of us in the US. But all of you in other parts of the world can reap the benefits of flag-wavin’ American jingoism by getting deep discounts on perfectly legal, licensed, and nifty Null Device music.

So for the aforementioned limited time, you can get Excursions (digital edition) for a mere US$2.50! Even the lossless FLAC version is only $4.00. A Million Different Moments? $2.50! Sublimation! TWO AMERICAN DOLLARS AND FIFTY AMERICAN CENTS. For you brits, that’s like less that two quid. Or less than two euro for the rest of the EU. Or a mere 560 Icelandic Krona. And…you get the idea.

Remember, limited time only, so dig in. If this works, we’ll do more like this. Specials, deals, etc etc.