Various and Sundry

A few things in the works.

First, we signed up with Bandcamp, which seems pretty cool. It’s getting a lot of good buzz, anyway. It’s a nice interface, and seems like a decent model allowing artists to provide a ton of options.

The 4th of July sale was reasonably successful, although it exposed a few narsty bugs in the ecommerce software we’re using. Those have been fixed. But given the kind of awesomeness described above, we may abandon selling our own music off the site in favor of selling through bandcamp, just for simplicity and robustness.

Finished a remix for The Deephearted, and a remix of one of our own tracks for the Electronic Saviors 4-disc compilation. The compilation looks pretty cool, features exclusive tracks from everyone and their brothers, and all proceeds go to a good cause.

And finally, the process of attempting to license ND music out for television, film and multimedia has begun.  There’s an incredible amount of paperwork involved.  Yikes.