“Cerebral Music to Rouse Hibernating Brains”

April third, we’re playing a gig here at the Frequency with Milwaukee’s favorite Bristol-beat aficionados Endless Blue, and Minneapolis dark EDM acts KPT and ACTN.

The Isthmus had this to say:

“Cerebral music to rouse hibernating brains” – Ben Munson

Null Device
April 3, Frequency
Though they’re named for a Unix operating system equivalent of a black hole of data, Null Device have offered up plenty of material, including five LPs, in their nearly 20 years together. On their 2013 album, Perihelion, they swirl world music flavors with head-nodding beats, adding insightful lyrics that may cause pondering as well as dancing.

Should be a good time!

(also, we redesigned our website again.  Still tweaking it though).

(h/t Robin for finding the article.)