I’m a Night Owl, Releasing Singles

Today we’ve put out a 2-track single for Night Owl, off Perihelion.


Night OwlIt features Night Owl (Single Mix) with a remix from Endless Blue (who we’re playing a show with in a few weeks).  It’s also available on iTunes, Amazon, etc etc.

So, what motivated us to drop a single kind of out of nowhere without warning?  Uh…surprise!  Endless Blue sent us this remix and we figured we couldn’t just sit on this for months until we had an EP or something to put it on, so…let’s put it out as a single.  And as long as we’re doing that, let’s remix the A-side (I believe business folks call that “value add”) .

Also, it’s supposed to be spring, but it’s not (at least not around here) so as long as the weather’s going to keep us stuck in, there might as well be new music to listen to, right?

It’s currently pay-what-you-want at Bandcamp.