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I like to talk about food. Recipes, restuarant reviews, etc.

1Homemade Bresaola

Homemade Bresaola

Jan 20, 2013

My first attempts, making guanciale out of a hog jowl and a slab of duck prosciutto, were…of mixed success. The prosciutto was decent but too salty and the guanciale got a little too dry during curing. My next attempt, I thought, would be something a little simpler, bresaola. It worked pretty splendidly.


Tandoori Whatnow?

Aug 18, 2011

Over the weekend, I built a tandoor. In retrospect, I probably overengineered it.  It’s a heavy, rolling clay oven that I likely could’ve accomplished almost as well with a Weber kettle and a little cleverness.  But still, having a nice, big, bespoke “oven” for making kebobs and naan is pretty neat.  A bit of a […]


Followup to the BandBQ

Jul 26, 2011

Just want to point out that leftover BandBQ flank steak, when paired with cilantro, onion and lime, makes one helluva tasty taco.  Sliced thin, reheated, wrapped in a warm corn tortilla, with a little good mexican hot sauce on the side for garnish. This is gunna be a repeater.  I have this sneaking suspicion that […]


BandBQ – The Recipes.

Jul 22, 2011

Here at Null Device Media Industries, in addition to churning out dance music, we’ve always had a fondness for good food. We’ve never been one of those bands that loads the van with chips and PBR, we’re the band that rolls out on tour with a cooler full of vegetables from local farmers markets and […]