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ThirdCoast Digest

Jun 14, 2010

1. How does Sex influence your music?
2. How do politics influence your music?
3. How does religion influence your music?


FMF2009 Reverence Showcase

Sep 13, 2009

An interview at dane101.com by Kat Kosiec, for the Frozen Music Festival.

“What are some of your current musical influences/obsessions?”


Interview – Connexion Bizarre

Mar 3, 2008

We're playing a game at George Vitennes Mini Golf in our hometown of Madison, WI. We just had sushi down the block, too. Why are we doing this?


Interview – Regen Magazine

Feb 15, 2005

An interview with Eric Oehler and Eric Goedken of Null Device By Ilker Yucel Assistant Editor Since 1997, Null Device have been introducing listeners to a new type of international music. Taking influences from a variety of world music, the band is doing well to stand out among the trends of the modern electro scene. […]


Interview – Grave Concerns

Aug 1, 2004

Julie Johnson What the name of your band and who are the current members? Null Device: Eric Oehler – Vocals, synths, various and sundry weird world instruments. Dr. Eric Goedken – Lyrics, addl vocals, video, production and to a smaller extent Dan Clark – Guitars Chuck McKenzie – Bass Heather O'Brien – Gutiar, backing vocals […]


Sublime Moments of Maturity

May 9, 2004

Hailing from Madison, WI, the duo of Eric Oehler and Eric Goedken have unleashed their sophomore effort with a vengeance.


Interview with Legends Magazine

May 7, 2004

Interview with Null Device by Kim Mercil Introduction by Mike Ventarola (www.hiddensanctuary.com ) It seems like just yesterday when Null Device was signed to Nilaihah Records and the release crossed my desk for a review. Then, as now, there are many electronic bands, each sounding rather similar in their style of work. Null Device stood […]


Interview – Synthpop.ru (2004 Interview)

Feb 9, 2004

Oleg Gurkin Q: Hallo Eric! First off let me congratulate you on the new album from the Null Device campus called “A Million Different Moments” that is coming out on the 10th of February 2004. With this particular new cycle in your life what particular emotions and expectations it brings and what makes these moments […]