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1Selected Songs Reviewed by Detric Sheridan, Age 4

Selected Songs Reviewed by Detric Sheridan, Age 4

Nov 6, 2016

Songs from “While You were Otherwise Engaged” as reviewed by Jill Sheridan’s son, Detric (age 4). On “Shadow and Flame:” “It’s like a spooky Halloween song because dark shadows surround. It reminds me of that game on the iPad where that one guy says “death approaches” and “death walks behind.” And you don’t know what […]


Review: I Die You Die

Nov 6, 2016

Null Device While You Were Otherwise Engaged Distortion Productions http://www.idieyoudie.com/2016/09/null-device-while-you-were-otherwise-engaged/ (Alex Kennedy) The highlight of Null Device’s new album While You Were Otherwise Engaged is a track called “The Desire”. An astonishingly candid portrait of the travails and small victories that come with being a band in a marginal scene with little support, the song […]


Aphelion, Madison Arts Extract

Sep 5, 2014

Madison’s Null Device is the kind of band that seems to exist in its own little universe and thrive there, humbly exploring its love of meticulous electronic production and vocal-driven pop songwriting and putting out a really cool release every couple of years. Its approach to electronic music embraces plenty of sleekness and drama, but […]


The Zipstream

Dec 15, 2010

 Null Device and The Dark Clan explore uplifting African beats The novelty of split releases with two bands covering each other’s songs never seems to get old, but the trick unfolds better when the bands in question aren’t such polar opposites. Case in point, the new Null Device/The Dark Clan split EP, Fading Belief. Although […]


Best Madison Albums of 2010

Nov 19, 2010

Electronic music can be a frenetic experience. On this release, Null Device forges an alternative: a down-tempo, trancy, world-influenced sound.


The AV Club (Madison)

Jul 9, 2010

It’s easy to tell that these were the folks that attended the midnight sales for both Depeche Mode’s Songs Of Faith And Devotion and New Order’s Republic in 1993.


ThirdCoast Digest

Jun 14, 2010

1. How does Sex influence your music?
2. How do politics influence your music?
3. How does religion influence your music?


Suspending Belief (The Isthmus)

May 14, 2010

Rich Albertoni on Thursday 05/13/2010 Since forming in 1997, Null Device has bridged production and live instrumentation to show there’s more to electronic music than beats per minute. The fourth album by this Madison act is mostly a collection of down-tempo house and trance that’s perfect for chilling out. Led by Eric Oehler, he of […]



Apr 1, 2010

(Katjusa Cisar) Primarily masterminded by Eric Oehler, local synth-pop duo Null Device casts a spinning mix of ancient folk instrumentation, heavy computer beats and Eric Goedken’s vulnerable lyrics. Oehler is classically trained but a total omnivore when it comes to music, and even though Null Device is drunk on a variety of world influences, it […]