Footfalls list update 1.0

(from the Footfalls mailing list..)

2002 was a big year for us with the label release of our first full-length album. We were grateful to receive #1 song of the year honors from “Dark Circles” on KZSC for “How”, and “Sublimation” was also listed on A Different Drum’s “year’s best” list. Furthermore, Nilaihah Records was cited as Most Promising Record Label by “Re:generation” magazine, where our disc was listed as one of the top ten albums of 2002.

But this is a new year and here’s what Null Device has in store for it and you…

  • An interview with Null Device is featured in issue 42 of Side-line magazine.

  • A new video and remix for “The Sad Truth” has been completed. Hopefully, it (and possibly one more Null Device video) will appear on a synthpop DVD release from Cohaagen Music later this year.

  • Rehearsals for the live Null Device show continue. Expect a three-person band with new arrangements and video accompaniment in the spring or summer in clubs in Wisconsin and surrounding states.

  • Work on the next album has progressed rapidly. Roughly seven new tracks are finished with more on the way. We tentatively expect to release our second full-length album in late 2003. One new track, “Walk in London,” is now available on our artist entry at The new material takes forays into even more diverse territory than Sublimation did? Eastern dance, industrial rock, radio pop, & soul are all making their way into the new tracks in interesting ways.