Sublimation –

Jason bakerI was first introduced to this band through the How To Make A New Friend compilation, volume 3. The first track on this album, “Footfalls” was featured on that compilation, and I was intrigued by the music with it's dark, somewhat darkwave influenced, sound. All the while, there is enough of a pop sensibility to make the tracks memorable. The dual-vocal approach that is used in nearly every track does take some getting used to, but I've found myself really, really liking it the more I listen.

Tracks such as “How” and “I Probably Know You” are great examples of the bands skill at song crafting, because they not only are deep and contemplative lyrically, but musically and rhythmically are very compelling and addictive. “The Sad Truth” is another outstanding song, with a poignant chorus hook and some great catchy synth work. “Word And Deed” is much in the same vein, with pessimistic outlook on the slow death of a town…I think. The strings that form the backbone of the song in “If Only For A While” give the song a very mournful, poignant feel that is very touching. The guitar parts of the song don't detract from the feel of the song, but are very effective additions, making the song feel even more laden with longing.

“There Is A Light” sounds very familiar, and by looking at the credits I see it was written Morrisey/Marr. By further research I found out this was a cover of The Smiths, and I'm almost sure I've heard this one before, but I don't know where. It's not my favorite track of the album, in fact I think it's my least favorite, but it's listenable. The two remixes both enhance the dancefloor appeal of the two tracks, with Stromkern's remix of “Footfalls” adding in a lot of Electro elements into the track, and fuzzing the vocals at points to make them nearly un-understandable. Of the two, I preferred the mix of “How”.

Overall, I think if you enjoy darker synthpop, such as Red Flag's “The Crypt” or something similar to that, you'll really enjoy this album. It's got a lot of very good songs, and no real ut-and-out stinkers. Highly Recommended!